Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 10ml




Anthemis Nobilis


Chamomile is an emotionally soothing oil and has a balancing effect on the moods.  Ideal for hyperactive, workaholic types and chronic worriers.  Also safe to use to soothe and calm babies at night and can be very helpful for back massages.  In the language of flowers chamomile stands for “Patience in adversity”.

Source:  Anthemis Nobilis is mainly grown in Eastern Europe and North America.

Extraction:  Roman Chamomile essential oil is steam distilled from the freshly dried flowers of Anthemis Nobilis

Aroma:  Roman Chamomile essential oil has a fresh, rich, apple and straw-like scent.

Uses:  Massage, baths, inhalation and compress.  It may also be added to a base emollient.

Blends well with:  Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender and Rose.

Caution: Avoid Roman Chamomile essential oil during pregnancy.


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